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I don't wanna die. I sometimes wish I've never been born at all. Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me. Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth. Has a devil put aside for me. I'm just a poor girl and nobody loves me. Poor girl, from a poor family. Spare me my life from this monstrosity. So you think you can love me and leave me to die? Can't do this to me baby; 'Cause nothing really matters. Anyone can see... Nothing really matters... Nothing really matters... To me. - Bohemian Rhapsody.
Killer Queen

She keeps the fucking moët et chandon in her pretty fucking cabinet, so please just Submit!

Speak Just like a Baroness and submit me
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I'm a rocket ship on my way to mars, on a colision course.
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  • murderer stabbing me: it's KNIFE to meet you!
  • me: haha dude you're killing me
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Rock Montreal → Freddie Mercury and his shorts, as requested by anonymous.

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if you know what I mean 


Oh my Odin

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so in standing there and all of the sudden

Coffee to my mishamigos

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If you sell your body and have sex with complete random strangers, why the hell do you deserve respect? You don't respect yourself enough to not have sex with everyone. Why should I respect you and your work?


oh magic conch shell, what is wrong with a woman having sex with as many partners as she wants?


oh magic conch shell, what is wrong with a woman wanting to receive money in exchange for sex?


oh magic conch shell, could it maybe be that this bitch ass anon is threatened by women doing what they want with their bodies instead of what society has conditioned them to do?




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a CEO walks into his office “any messages?” he asks his assistant
“two anons want to know who tom petty is and one just says ‘post your ballsack’”
“got it. check my dashboard”
“that skeleton gif you like is back again”
he rubs his chin pensively “mm. reblog that”

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I don’t want to be singing ‘Satisfaction’ when I’m 40.

Mick Jagger, who turns 71 today. (via seafaringgypsy)

tough titties mick

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I thought you couldn’t get satisfaction